1. "To Helen
    Whose healthy and practical empiricism has long been an indispensable balance-wheel for an incurable theorist"
    — Talcott Parsons, The Social System
    (Oh, the sociologists’ romanticism…)

  2. Track - 1979
    Artist - The Smashing Pumpkins
    Album -  Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

  3. C. Lispector


  4. Track - Heroes
    Artist - David Bowie
    Album - Heroes


  5. Pulsar

    Aos teus pés me prostro agora
    Balbuciando versos de rubor
    Direi a ti, mesmo em demora
    Pois és reflexo do esplendor

    A voz tomo pelo o marulhar
    Dissipando tensões e temores
    Vejo duas ondas a se chocar
    E jogo-me ao sabor das marés

    Tolo guiei-me por vãs estrelas
    Letais e falsas, canto de sereia
    Plúmbeo céu surge, sem brisas
    Vastidão deturpada em cadeia

    Mas à distância uma luz baila
    Cíclica e tenra, tal a alma rara
    Feliz lufada me aproxima dela
    Inundas os ares de energia clara 


  6. Track - La Valse À Mille Temps
    Artist - Jacques Brel
    Album - Ne Me Quitte Pas


  8. I just a final warning about Tumblr copyright infringement…


    I just got a final warning notification about copyright infringement of my blog. A FINAL WARNING, THAT MEANS MULTIPLE PEOPLE ARE REPORTING ME?! I desperately try to give credit where credit is due - but is that still not enough? I reblog from the people I follow and I’m not trying to steal anybody’s work. What the heck, man? 

    Has anybody else ever received a final warning? Any tips other then shutting down completely or posting ONLY original content?

    Really, what’s wrong with you, Tumblr? How could I possible know which songs have such a strong policy and which doesn’t? And if I BOUGHT some of those songs? Will I be committing any crime? Holy Jesus. 


  9. (Amerika ist wunderbar)


    We’re writing to let you know that, due to repeated uncontested notifications of copyright infringement against one or more of your blogs, your Tumblr account is one more uncontested notice away from termination. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS A FINAL WARNING.

    As a reminder, Tumblr, as required by US law, implements a strict policy of terminating the accounts of repeat copyright infringers. It’s important for all creators that our users respect copyright, and so we ask that you take greater care in what you post to your Tumblr blogs. You can review Tumblr’s Terms of Service (http://www.tumblr.com/policy/en/terms_of_service) and Community Guidelines (http://www.tumblr.com/policy/en/community) for more information on our copyright policies.

    Also, if you believe that a copyright infringement notification has been incorrectly submitted against you (in other words, that you have the legal right to post the content), you can contest the notice and file a counter-notification according to the procedure found here:http://www.tumblr.com/policy/en/terms_of_service#dmca

    For more information on US copyright law, you can visit the following sites:

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Tumblr Trust & Safety


  11. Track - Don’t Hurt Yourself 
    Artist - Marillion
    Album - Marbles


  12. "I don’t know if mama was right, that we each have a destiny, or if if was Lt Dan, that we are all just floating around, accidental, like on a breeze, but I think… I think… maybe… it’s both happening at the same time."
    — Winston Groom, Forrest Gump

  14. Only one thing in life makes Jack happier than the sound produced by opening a beer can. The bucket filled with ice behind his back was the answer. It was obvious for his grandfather, sitting next to him, that fishing and alcohol isn’t quite an effective combination, but a good non-drinker always remember to keep his visions regarding the social drug for himself. They loved each other and sometimes Jack could steal a giggle from him when the youngster started to prove empirically and personally how indeniable gravity was.

    "Hey paps, stop being such a tight ass and grab a beer. Come on, I’ve bought and brought almost all the stuff that pretty blonde thing had on her shop. - He started to look for a premium, difficult task at the moment - It won’t be such an bad idea to kill them all even this night but where is the fun to drink alone?"

    "Could you please stop throwing the fucking empty cans on the lake? You behave like a child when you’re stoned, and it isn’t even 5 PM, for god sake. I don’t know if you realized but I wanna have some fish, so shut your big good-for-nothing mouth!"

    Shocked by his grandfather reaction, Jack lowered his head and when he found the obvious answer shame ran over him terribly. He start to mentally shout with himself.

    "The damn accident… how could you be so absurdly lame, Jack? Fuck me!"

    25 years ago and the scars still lingered on that quiet introspective man.  


  15. Track - Main Title Theme (Dies Irae)
    Artist - Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind (Hector Berlioz)
    Album - The Shining OST